Alena 1000 ml // Closure Dolce *ON STOCK*

Bottle 1000 ml

Color: white
Material: HDPE
Diameter: 81,0 mm
Height: 229,0 mm
Weight: 70,0 g
Price: € 1,452

Closure Dolce incl. mounted Syringe insert

Color: white or black
Price: € 0,478

Color: white/gold ring or white/silver ring
Price: € 0,692

Color: gold metallized or silver metallized
Price: € 0,736

Material: PP/LDPE
Diameter: 47,5 mm
Height: 45,5 mm
Weight: 12,6 g

Alena 1000 ml // Closure Dolce *ON STOCK*

1.510 € - 2.283 €
The bottle is made of HDPE and has a special thread. The corresponding closures are made of PP with a mounted nature syringe insert.
Price on request

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